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Life Cycle

Medium: Lithograph on paper (S: 1∙Re∙Tpm∙Tpp)
Edition size:  Known (S: 1∙Re∙Tsa∙Tpw)  (note 1)
Artist Proof:  Unknown
Paper size:  Known (S: 3+∙Re∙Tsa∙Tm)
Image size:  Known (S: 1∙Re∙Tsa∙Tm, calculated
                       paper/image ratio)
Year:  1992 (S: 1∙Re∙Tsa∙Tpw)
Printmaker:  Unknown
Code: U92.6

This print is signed ‘in plate’ (lower left horizontal within the image) with ‘Copper Thunderbird’  in Cree syllabics and hand signed in pencil (lower left horizontal in the paper margin) with ‘Norval Morrisseau’.

1) On one print the limitation is clearly readable, however I have different citations from other sources. Furthermore there seem to be other version available. I have seen one that is not numbered and titled but signed (collection Smithonian) and two that are unsigned (maybe open edition). Clarification is needed.

– Smithonian – The National Museum of the American Indian

Info needed:
– Existance of Artist Proof(s)
– Confirmation edition size, see note 1
– Confirmation image size
– Name of the printmaker
– Literature (official statements in books, magazines, exhibits, original
  promotion material) and additional info or reference material


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Loon Mother + Brood

Medium:  Serigraph on paper (S: 1∙Re∙Tsa∙Tpm∙Tpp)
Edition size:  Known (S: 1∙Re∙Tpw∙Tse)
Artist Proof:  Unknow (S: 1∙Re∙Tpw∙Tsa)
Paper size:  Appox known (S: 1∙Re∙Tse)
Image size: Known (S: 1∙Re∙Tse)
Year:  Unknown (estimate ca 1977) (S: 1∙Re∙Tse) (note 1)
Printmaker:  Unknown
Code: UU.19

1) One source bought it in June 1978. It’s likely made in 1977 or early 1978.

Info needed:
– Existance of Artist Proof(s)
– Exact paper size
– Confirmation image size
– Exact year of print
– Name printmaker
– Literature (official statements in books, magazines, exhibits, original
  promotion material)
– Additional info or reference material

Thanks to:
– Collector for providing the photo and info on medium, estimate of the year, edition size, paper & image size.

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Mission Statement

The project's mission is to document all original signed limited editions of Norval Morrisseau in a catalogue raisonné. Documenting the original signed limited edition silkscreens/serigraphs and lithographs are not part of the mission of the Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society (NMHS). Read more below in "1. About the project & Mission".

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