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Shaman And Apprentice

Norval Morrisseau Print - Shaman and Apprentice_small

Larger image in member area (click on image)
Medium: Serigraph on paper (S: 3+∙Re∙Tpm∙Tpp∙Tsa∙Tse∙Tsm)
Edition size:  Known (S: 3+∙Re∙Tpw∙Tsa∙Tse∙Tplp)
Artist Proof:  Unknown
Paper size: Known (S: 1∙Re∙Tsa∙Tse) (note 1)
Image size: Known (S: 1∙Re∙Tsa∙Tse) (note 1)
Year:  1979 (S: 3+∙Re∙Tsa∙Tse∙Tplp)
Printmaker:  Unknown
Code: U79.2

This print is from a set of 5 Norval Morrisseau prints. They are part of the English Limited Edition publication of the book ’The Art Of Norval Morrisseau’, published in1979 (note 2) in a wooden box. The others prints are:
– ‘Shaman Conjuring Speech’, click here;
– ‘Composition With Loons’, click here;
– ‘The Dawn’, will  follow later in this catalogue;
– ‘Young Gulls Watching’, will  follow later in this catalogue.

Instead of signing these prints as usual ‘Norval Morrisseau’, all 5 prints are signed ‘Copper Thunderbird’ in Cree syllabics. This print is signed ‘in plate’ (lower left, black syllabics in blue area) and hand signed (lower right, pencil syllabics in red area).

1) The paper and image size are the same, there is no white border.
2) The French Limited Edition book set was published in 1979 with a
     different set of 6 prints, , see A79.1, A79.2, A79.3A79.4, A79.5A79.6.

– Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (print #75)

Info needed:
– Existance of Artist Proof(s)
– Confirmation paper/image size
– Name printmaker
– Literature (official statements in books, magazines, exhibits, original
  promotion material)
– Additional info or reference material


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