Norval Morrisseau Unlimited

Catalogue Raisonné For The Limited Editions ——————– The Scientific Blog Project ———————————————–

4. How to find the edition size

The edition size year can be determined on several ways::
– on the piece itself (written in pencil);
– on original paper/labels with piece (gallery labels / printmakers authentication paper);
– by literature (official exhibit of book publications or original promotion material);
– by statements of the printmaker.

Limited edition publications are always numbered. The first number is the number of the piece itself. The second number is the edition size.

Before the making of the limited edition publication, mostly there are Artist Proof’s made. These are marked as ‘A/P’, ‘A.P.’, ‘AP’ or even ‘Artist Proof’. Sometimes they have a limited edition numbering of there own.

The numbering mostly can be found on the bottom of the print.

Written in pencil

Limited Edition number 50of220

Example: ‘50/220’ means that this is piece number 50 out of a limited
                  edition of 220 pieces.

Gallery label / Printmakers authentication paper
If the original gallery label is still with your piece, it can also be found on the label.

Limited Edition number 71-99 on label

Example: ‘71/99’ means that this is piece number 71 out of a limited
                  edition of 99 pieces.

 Artist Proof’s
An artist’s proof (A/P) is a print taken in the printmaking process to see the current printing state, before the production of the limited edition.

Limited Edition Numbering A-P Artist Proof

Example: A/P means that this is one out of an unknown number of
                  AP’s made.

Limited Edition Numbering AP II-IV

Example: AP II / IV means that this is the 2nd artist proofs made out
                  of 4 AP’s.

Limited Edition numbering II-III Artist proof

Example: II / III ARTIST PROOF means that this is the 2nd artist proof
                  made out of 3 AP’s.

Hand colored
Artist Proof’s
As ‘artist proofs’ are made as a sort of test before the actually production of the limited edition, the color can be wrong (to light or to dark etc). The artist can correct these by hand with acrylic. These artist proofs sometimes marked as H.C. (hand colored).

Limited Edition numbering 1of10 H.C. Hand Colored

Example: 1/10 H.C. means that this AP (number 1 out of 10 pieces) is also
                  partly hand colored.


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