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Catalogue Raisonné For The Limited Editions ——————– The Scientific Blog Project ———————————————–

8. Codification

Two types of codification are present at this project. Code for:
– the source of the given information (gives insight in the reliability of the information);
– the numbering of the limited edition within the “Catalogue Raisonné for the Limited Editions of Norval Morrisseau”.

Source of the given information
Every information given end with a code sequence explaining the source status. It starts with a ‘S:’ from ‘source’ followed bij serveral abbreviations meaning the following:

S: number of sources ∙ Reliability ∙ Type of source

# of sources
1 = one source
2 = two sources
3+ = three or more 

Note: Only one in the code sequence

Ru = unreliable
Re = external source(s)
Ri = personal investigation
Rm = printmaker
Rmr= close related to printmaker

Note: One ore more in the code sequence

Type of source

On piece (observation)
Tpe = Embossing
Tpw = Written
Tps = Stamp
Tpm = Material
Tpp = Production method

On original paper/labels with piece (investigation)
Tplg = gallery paper or label
Tplp = printmakers paper or label
Tcp = original certificate of authenticity with publication

By literature (investigation)
Tle = exhibit publication(s)
Tlb = book publication(s)
Tln = newspaper/magazine publucation(s)
Tlp = original promotion material(s)

By statements (investigation)
Tsa = statements of auctioneer/gallery
Tse = statements of external collector/seller
Tsm = statements of the printmaker
Tsd = statements of the dealer (at the time)
Tm = measurement

Note: One ore more in the code sequence

S: 2∙Re∙Ri∙Tpe∙Tplg∙Tlb∙Tsp

This means the information has 2 sources, one external and one by personal investigation, by embossing, by the original gallery label, by book publication and by a statement of the printmaker.

Numbering within the “Catalogue Raisonné for the Limited Editions”
Every limited edition will receive a unique number with the catalogue. The numbering sequence contains serveral abbreviations meaning the following:

PrintmakerYear ∙ Number 

T = Triple K Co-operative Inc. – Red Lake
G = Great Grasland Graphics Company –  Winnipeg
C = Canadian Native Prints Ltd. – Vancouver
A = ALVO Canadian Art Inc. – Toronto
S = Superb Graphics – Toronto
U = Unknown printmaker

The last 2 digets of the year are mentioned. For example:
75 = 1975
84 = 1984
92 = 1992

And in which:
U = Unknown year

The numbering starts with 1 counted up after every new recording from that year.

This means the edition is made by Triple K Co-operative Inc. in 1975 and is the 12th recorded print of that year.

This means the edition is made by ALVO Canadian Art Inc. in an unkown year and is the 6th recorded print with unkown year.


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