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Self Portrait Of Artist – Astral Projection

Medium:  Serigraph on paper (S: 3+∙Re∙Tpm∙Tpp∙Tsa∙Tse)
Edition size:  Known (S: 3+∙Re∙Tpw∙Tsa∙Tse)
Artist Proof:  Unkown
Paper size:  Known (S: 1∙Re∙Tsa)
Image size: Known (S: 3+∙Re∙Tsa∙Tse)
Year:  1977 (S: 3+∙Re∙Tpw∙Tsa∙Tse)
Printmaker:  Woodland Studios (S: 1∙Re∙Tpw∙Tse)
Code: W77.1

Info needed:
– Existance of Artist Proof(s)
– Confirmation paper size
– Photo with white border paper margin, with title edition and signature
– Literature (official statements in books, magazines, exhibits, original
  promotion material)
– Additional info or reference material


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5 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I recognized this picture right away. Growing up my parents had this painting in their livingroom. I believe when they got it they paid $150-$200 for it. The painting came in a set of two. They didn’t realize, at that point in their lives, that Norval Morrisseau would become as big as he has over the past few years, otherwise they would have bought the set. I will definately notify them of this blog, and hopefully they can get you the information you are seeking.

  2. Frank Kortstee says:

    Thanks Sarah,
    I did not know that this silkscreen was made after a painting from a set of two. Maybe the silkscreen came as a set of two also. I don’t have info about that, bat maybe somebody can describe the other image, maybe your parents?

  3. greg says:

    Just purchased this print at an auction. Numbered 22 out of 100 I believe. Do not know much more.

  4. Drew Sladky says:

    Astral travel is for everyone

  5. Gail Fyksen says:

    Such incidents are classified as astral travel. Astral travel comes about when the conscious mind departs the physical body along with travels vast distances.

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