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Bear Power

Norval Morrisseau Print - Bear Power

Image: Larger image in member area (click on image)
Medium:  Serigraph on paper (S: 3+∙Re∙Ri∙Tpm∙Tpp)
Edition size:  Known (S: 3+∙Re∙Ri∙Tse∙Tpw)
Artist Proof:  Yes (edition size unkown) (S: 2∙Re∙Tse∙Tpw)
Paper size:  Known (S: 2∙Ri∙Tm)
Image size: Known (S: 2∙Ri∙Tm)
Year:  1975 (S: 3+∙Ri∙Re∙Tpe)
Printmaker:  Great Grasslands Graphics Company (S: 3+∙Ri∙Re∙Tpe)
Code: G75.2

–  Gzowski College, Trent University Art Collection (#34)

Info needed:
– Existance of Artist Proof(s)
– Literature (official statements in books, magazines, exhibits, original
  promotion material)
– Additional info or reference material

Thanks to:
– Collectors for providing me informatiion about the Artist Proof.


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3 Responses

  1. Lisa Clasen says:

    I aquired two prints, not sure if they are ‘real’.one is the above image and has ‘BEAR POWER’ penciled in the lower left, then ‘a.p.’ in the middle, then ‘Norval Morrisseau’ to the right. the ‘a.p.’ almost looks like ‘w.p.’ but that of course does not make sense. The second is labeled the same way but with ‘BEAR SPIRIT’ and numbered 336/500. Both came in frames and I haven’t dared to take them apart- even if fakes I love them! it would be nice to know if they are worth anything but I am not in anyway interested in parting with them. Please contact me if you have more info. thanks!

  2. Denis Hanson says:

    I have an artist’s proof of this that I bought in Edmonton some 3 decades ago.

    • Frank Kortstee says:

      Dear Dennis Hanson,

      Thanks for the info, I will contact you for further information to add to my data files.


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