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Children Of Mother Earth – Summer

Norval Morrisseau Plate - Summer   Norval Morrisseau Plate Backside - Summer

Image: Larger image in member area (click on image)
Medium: Handcrafted fine porcelain (S: 3+∙Re∙Ri∙Tpw∙Tpm∙Tpp∙Tlp∙Tsd)
Edition size:  Limited to 2500 (S: 3+∙Re∙Ri∙Rm∙Tpw∙Tlp∙Tsd) (note 1 & 2)
Artist Proof:  Unkown
Plate size:  Known
Image size:  Known
Year:  1983 (S: 1∙Re∙Tse)
Manufacturer:  Rosenthal for Anna-Perenna Inc.
Code:  R83.2

–  The Art Of Norval Morrisseau In Porcelain. Toronto: L.A.K. Fine Arts (promotion booklet).

This plate is the second in a collection of 4 Norval Morrisseau plates with the theme ‘Children Of Mother Earth’. They came in special Morrisseau boxes with certificates and wooden stands.
The others plates are:
– ‘Children Of Mother Earth – Spring’, click here;
– ‘Children Of Mother Earth – Fall (Autumn)’, click here;
– ‘Children Of Mother Earth – Winter’, click here.

1) One of Morrisseau’s dealer at the time has stated that from the original
     planned 2500 sets only about 500 where  made. So far I have seen no
     edition number above 461.
2) These plates are hand signed and numbered in gold on the backside.

Info needed:
– Edition number above 461
– Existance of Artist Proof(s)
– Literature (official statements in books, magazines, exhibits)
– Additional info or reference material


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2 Responses

  1. John Flowers says:

    I pirchased a full set in it’s own box but there were no stands. My set is Number 049. They have hangers on them and I usually rotate them to the top by season. I was told when I boight them in Thunder Bay his home at that time that the local financial backers stopt production at 600.

    I served him coffee at a local drop in centre while one hand was full of paint brishes.

    I would be interested in knowing their status at present.

    • Frank Kortstee says:

      Dear John,

      Thanks for jour information, let’s see if a number higher that 388 will turn up.

      What do you mean with “I would be interested in knowing their status at present”.

      Can you send me a good phot of ‘Spring’, I only have a photo of the plate design as presented on the blog.


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